NCP Data Feeds

CCE Downloads

CCE v5 - All Platform Groups 2013 and previous-COMBINED FILE (XML) (11.5 MB) February 14, 2013

Checklist Downloads

NCP-Complete: checklist-0.1-feed.xml, includes all checklists contained within the NCP repository.
NCP-Modified: checklist-0.1-feed-modified.xml, includes all recently modified checklists within the NCP repository.
XML Schema Version 0.1 NCP/Checklist XML Schema
Feed Updated Download Size (MB)
NCP-Complete 10/21/2021; 12:00:12 AM -0400 META
GZ 0.53 MB
ZIP 0.53 MB
NCP-Modified 10/21/2021; 12:00:12 AM -0400 META
GZ < 0.01 MB
ZIP < 0.01 MB

META Files

Each of the data feeds is described by an associated plain text file with the same name as the .xml file with a .meta extension. These files are updated approximately every two hours to reflect changes within their respective feed file. The .meta file contains information about the specific feed file including the last modified date and time, the size of the file uncompressed, and a SHA256 value of the uncompressed file:


The META file should be used to determine if a given feed has been updated since your last import. This helps prevent unnecessary downloads of the .zip or .gz files and should result in a reasonable use of less than 200 requests per day.