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Download Checklist Resource

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Resource Information

  • Microsoft Corporation
Resource Description:

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Security Compliance (generated from Microsoft Security Compliance Manager).

Content Type:

SCAP 1.0 Content

Checklist Installation Tool:

Download the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager To create SCAP content: 1. In the Baselines Library pane, select the desired baseline. 2. Use one of the following ways to start the Create SCAP process: a. In the Baselines Library pane, right-click the baseline and then select Create SCAP. b. In the Actions pane, select Create SCAP. 3. In the Save as dialog box, navigate to the desired folder, specify a name for the file, and then click Save. 4. On the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

Rollback Capability:

Not Provided.

SHA Hashes

SHA-256: 878E2C0B1F8C2416F211697A07F681DA807F83D13937806CB782DA35D194B369